Unknown Story
Updated: 3/12/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Sir, we came upon a palace in the forest. And in that palace sat a beautiful lady, maybe a goddess.
  • Eurylochus, you are alone. Where are the others?
  • Drink, Great Warrior.
  • Will you not eat?
  • How can I eat with the tragedy that has befallen my friends?
  • Eurylochus telling Odysseus how he and the soldiers came across a palace in the middle of the forest. He was suspicious and decided to stay outside while the rest of the men went in to a feast and suddenly disappeared.
  • Circe telling Odysseus to drink the water she gave him. And then confused why her magic did not work on him. As she realizes that he is Odysseus.
  • The five soldiers that Circe turned into pigs.
  • Circe turning the pigs back to men.