The gingerbread runaway

Updated: 6/19/2020
The gingerbread runaway

Storyboard Text

  • Mrs and Mr smith baked ginger bread cookies and they're very happy because they thought they can treat the gingerbread as their kid since they don't have one.
  • little did the Smith's know the gingerbread man came to life, "stop running!!" the Smiths said but the gingerbread man didn't listen and ran off into the city
  • "what in the laws name are you doing?!" the police officer shouted, of course the gingerbread man cant since hes food,so he continued to run to the forest and met the Fox.
  • hello I can help you get across the lake but hop on my snout so you won't get wet!
  • thanks
  • OH no! he's going to eat me alive!!!
  • Ha!Ha!Ha! I tricked you I'm going to eat you now!!!!