Ecology S3G2
Updated: 11/13/2020
Ecology S3G2

Storyboard Text

  • were just trying to find out the biodiversity within this ecosystem!
  • Hey so what exactly are we doing ?
  • Well that was easy, this ecosystem is full of diversity, I mean look around its all green and there are many species around. I think we are ready to go!
  • It doesn't really work that way.....The area may seem diverse but there is much more to it than just a simple glance
  • Whatever you say, but I still think its fairly diverse
  • In order to better determine the biodiversity well preform 2 methods of data collection
  • yea, you do that for 100 ft, and Ill do the same thing but at every 5 ft for 100ft. We'll cover the same area
  • this should be get to stop and I dont ??
  • okay, should I just count how many species I see for a certain distance? or....
  • Hey! Im all done. Well I collected lot of data, tons of things touched our transect! COME ON!!
  • wait up. My method is far different from yours. Im stopping every five feet
  • well now we can compare I got x
  • well obviously your number is going to be took note of everything
  • yea thats true, so which one should we use?
  • I think it depends. Both methods tell us that the area is divers, but they do so by talking different situations into account
  • I got y
  • thats true, but your data is more specific