Updated: 3/29/2021

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  • Title Frame
  • The Inca Empire
  • Pizarro and the Conquistadors
  • The events leading up to the fall of the Inca.
  • Pizarro Meets Atahualpa
  • You’re coming with me
  • Inca's believed they were brought into existence by the sun god Inti. They regarded themselves as the children of the sun.
  • Atahualpa’s Ransom and Death
  • Pizarro led a small group to find gold treasures. It was his last chance for fame and glory. The pilot captured a raft off the coast that was full of treasures.
  • The Fall of Cuzco
  • Atahualpa agrees to meet men that had been fighting their way from the coast. Both were planning to attack each other the next day, however Atahualpa was captured.
  • Atahualpa returned and after eight months they had all the treasures the Incas could provide, over $50 million worth. After getting his ransom Pizarro executed Atahualpa. He was sentenced death by strangulation
  • The Spanish set out to conquer Cuzco with their treasure. Pizarro conquered them and all the golden wonders of the coricancha temple were stripped and melted down to gold.