marketing 10/6/21

Updated: 10/7/2021
marketing 10/6/21

Storyboard Text

  • Economic Utilities
  • hey bill how is your economic utility?
  • my what now??!!?!?!
  • Form Utility
  • Right now, I only have one old farmer harvesting, but maybe I could increase utility if I added a tractor or hired more people
  • Place Utility
  • I only sell corn out of my carriage on random trails, but maybe I should get a cart or other vendors in a more populated area
  • Economic Utilities add value and will increase the value in Bill's special corn.
  • Time Utility
  • This is ne of my three new corn stands. We are only open from 3am to 7am.
  • Making the harvesting process more efficient will increase form utility and create a higher profit.
  • Information Utility
  • My corn shop now has extended hours, but my business is still suffering. Maybe people don't know what I'm trying to do.
  • Having the product where people can buy it, instead of on a random trail will increase place utility since they can easily get the corn and not have to track down the carriage.
  • Possession Utility
  • That will be 700 pennies please
  • do you take card?
  • The hours of the corn stand are very limited and time utility would increase if the hours were extended, so more people would be able to access the corn.
  • The only information the shop has is Santa Claus and if they added a sign, information utility would increase because they will understand what a guy, table, and corn are for.
  • Bill only accepting payment in pennies is resulting in a very low possession utility. To increase, he should branch out and accept cash, cards, ect. that way more people can buy the corn and are not limited to pennies.
  • Bill's Corn