The Great Gatsby Comic Strip
Updated: 4/2/2021
The Great Gatsby Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Okay, be up in a second Gatsby.
  • Jordan! Come and chat with me for a little
  • So you lied about Oxford and the war too?! Everything?!
  • See, I grew up very poor and when I saved the sailor, he gave me my money. Also, I work with the mob and Wolfsheim.
  • Oh! Daisy was in love with this military guy, but he's nowhere to be seen now.
  • No, I was in the war and after I got back I went to Oxford for only 5 months.
  • No Gatsby no! You can't be him! If Daisy knew she would go crazy.
  • I know, but I love her and want to be with her. I've waited long enough.
  • No Gatsby, you can't be with her. She's with Tom!
  • Okay and, once Daisy knows I am alive still she will come crawling back to me. She still loves me. Give me a chance please.
  • Okay Gatsby I will, but I'm telling you that this is going to end bad.
  • I want you to please ask Nick to set up a date to where me and daisy can meet up, at his house. Could you do that for me? It's the only favor I ask.