Twelth night assignment
Updated: 6/20/2020
Twelth night assignment
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  • In act 1 scene 2 Viola cried from losing her brother. Because Viola thought Sebastian already die. She wanted to attend Orsino's trial because she cared for him. In this scene Viola requests Captain's help to change her into a man. Captain says that he will help by making her into a eunuch, and he will pretend to be a mute to help her. This shows Olivia is a sad person think she lost her family with the accident and there's no hope at all to her
  • O, my poor brother! And so perchance may he be.Act 1 scene 2
  • True, madam. And, to comfort you with chance,Assure yourself, after our ship did split,When you and those poor number saved with you Hung on our driving boat, I saw your brother,Most provident in peril, bind himself,
  • Cesario and Duke becomes a good friends and begin to trust each other. Duke then confinds to Cesario that he likes Olivia. Duke wants to send a letter to her, having Cesario deliver it. Cesario doesn't want to do this because Viola secretly loves him and wishes that she could be Duke's wife.
  • But mine is all as hungry as the sea,And can digest as much. Make no compare-between that love a woman can bear me And that I owe Olivia. act 2 scene 4
  • We men may say more, swear more, but indeedOur shows are more than will, for still we proveMuch in our vows, but little in our love.
  • Sir Toby and Andrew like to drink alcohol and are very loud and disruptive when they are drunk. Mavolio asks them to either be quiet or to leave the Lady's house, but they get mad at him and continue to sing loudly. This shows the character by they need to be together whole time to earn money.
  • We did keep time sir, in our catches. sneak up!
  • There as good a deed as to drink when a man's a-hungry, to challenge him the field and then to break promise with him and make a fool of him
  • maria is a stable character in this story. First, when the men were drinking, she chastised everyone on the spot. Secondly, when there was a fight in Sir Toby and Mavolio she just stopped just stopped them This charcter is important for the next situations because Maria has a better jugdement from her confidants.
  • He hath indeed, almost natural: for besides thathe's a fool, he's a great quarreler: and but that...
  • We learn in this scene that Sebastian, who is Viola's twin brother, did not actually die in the boat accedent. Sebastian is still layal to the Duke, and promises to go to his trial. Antonio promises to go with him, even though he has many enemies there, and it will be very dangerous for him.
  • But, come what may, I do adore thee so,That danger shall seem sport,
  • I am yet so more mine eyes will tell tales of me. I am bound to the count Orsino's court.
  • Cesario meets with Olivia to deliver the message that Duke likes her, but Olivia doesn't want to hear it. Olivia was still mourning her brother that had recently died. Olivia continues to speak negatively about her life, while Cesario attempts to speak well of Duke and about how beautiful Olivia is.
  • I am no fee'd post, lady; keep your purse; My master, not myself, lacks recompense. Love make his heart of flint that you shall love.
  • Get you your lord; I cannot love him. Let him send no more, Unless, perchance, you come to me again, To tell me how he takes it. Fare you well; I thank you for your pains; spend this for me.
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