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Updated: 2/1/2020
Science Forces Project
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  • Once upon a time, three brave knights set out on a quest to slay Medusa, a sorceress who caused calamity to their kingdom. Heavy armor, weapons and food supplies were placed onto the chariot. The heavy load causes much friction as the chariot was laboriously pulled along the mud path.
  • The knights encountered many monsters that live in the Dark Forest which conceals Medusa's castle. The most notorious one is the rubber lady who is totally elastic. She stretches into different shapes and seems indestructible. Her power was broken by the sharp edges of the knight's axe cut.
  • The trio reached Medusa's castle, only to find gravity defying monsters Griffin and Dragon guarding the main gate. They fly high above the grounds and hurl fireballs at the intruders. The knights cannot hurt them on the ground by axe or sword, until one brave knights took his lone arrow and shot both down with a well aimed powerful hit that arched high in the night sky.
  • Entering the castle grounds, the knights were suddenly faced with slithering monsters descending from the castle's keep, creating eerie screeching sharp sounds by friction as their scaly bodies rub against the walls. The knights fought fiercely and slayed these but ended with green sticky slime.
  • Upon reaching the Medusa's lair, a strong magnetic force pulled the brave knight's metallic weapons and disarmed them. Medusa used a strong magnetic medallion trap to immobilize the knights' heavy armor. The resourceful knights blocked the magnetic force by covering it with slime, freed themselves and tossed the wooden shield to knock Medusa down.
  • Medusa was hung by the river, with gravity pulling on her body down and expiring her evil power over the land. Peace will now be restored once again in the kingdom and the knights celebrated as heroes.
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