Broken Blade by Kailyn Jephcote 3rd hour
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by Kailyn Jephcote 3rd hour

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre had left,and went to go sign on to become a voyaguer. He's leaving behind his family,as well as leaving behind his school.I believe at first he didn't really regret it because his father was hurt,and there was nobody else to do the job.
  • Pierre had dreamed about his family,in a circle,laying together.This would make me believe he's feeling quite homesick.For the most part,he kinda gets a long with his brigade.Though,they tease him quite a bit.His blisters still are pretty painful.He's holding up okay after leaving.
  • Pierre´s brigade ran the rapids.It wasn´t too bad,until well,things got bad,Pierre ended up losing somebody.He lost La Londe. La Londe has lost his footing while he was pushing the boat out,and he was then swept away.
  • Their first day on lake Superior was really good.The next day,they decided to save 20 miles, and cut right in the middle of a bay called Michipicoten. Unfortunately, the wind was so brutal to the point where the crew how to pull with full strength.
  • Pierre was barely able to believe it. He saw a bunch of pointed logs in the ground. Wigwams and tents were all around. His father talked about it a lot,and he thought it was a real castle.In the end,I don't think he was as surprised as he thought he would be since,well,he thought it was a castle. He was still happy to finally get there.
  • Pierre and his brigade finally arrived in Lachine. The reason he came back was to see everybody again.I think he'll go back in the spring mainly because even though it was hard to do,it was something he actually made it out alive of,even though hen could've died at any second of that trip.