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Updated: 2/14/2020
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  • What will people do for a promise at a better life?
  • The Bolshevik RevolutionBy: Jalyn Cameron
  • Do you think this guy is serious?
  • I promise you all peace, land and bread!
  • Support me! and we will build an equal nation.
  • I hope he is. My family can't survive another winter without food.
  • Lenin has won.
  • Trotsky, we need a plan. Give me something!
  • We can draw inspiration from Karl Max and have the urban workers revolt.
  • No, that won't work... we will have the Bolsheviks lead instead. There isn't enough urban workers.
  • Together we will take down the czar. Who is with me? Who is ready for communism?
  • A country where my family will not have to worry about money?
  • We must support Lenin at all cost. For the future of Russia!
  • We have had enough!
  • I fear my death and the death to my family is near.
  • Death to the Czar!!