Making Forces Funny!
Updated: 1/31/2020
Making Forces Funny!
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  • Hey, wanna learn about all of the forces of the Earth?
  • Fantastic!
  • Sure, I gue..
  • Ouch
  • Earth Has many forces, some being Gravity, Friction, Elastic, and Magnetism. Our first force that we will be learning about is friction
  • There are 4 main types of friction. Static friction, fluid friction, and rolling friction, and sliding friction. Sliding friction is the type of friction that keeps your feet from easily moving on any surface. It would be easier to slide on a flat and shiny wood floor rather than on concrete, plus, that would hurt.
  • The next force that we'll be learning about is elastic force. A spring is a good example of an object that has elastic force. When you press down on it, and release, it goes back to its original size, and it may bounce a little. Elastic force is also stretchy things, like a bungee for bungee jumping. You have the ability to stretch it out and it will go back to its original size.
  • The second to last force we will be learning about is magnetic force. Magnetic force draws the opposite ends of other magnetic objects together. Opposites attract each other and the same sides push away. I'm guessing we are same.
  • Our last stop will be space. Literally and figuratively. There is no way to survive out here. Besides that, Gravity is the force we will be learning about. Every object that has matter has gravity, including you. On Earth and other planets, gravity pulls all things downward. Gravity also keeps the planets and foreign objects in space in orbit, but don't worry, I can get us out of here.
  • So that was the forces tour. Would you mind giving it a 5 stars on yelp! Get it, because we were just in space!
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