The Maya

Updated: 5/12/2020
The Maya

Storyboard Text

  • commoners had a normal hard working life. men had to work at the field and make tools while women had to cook, raise the kids, and many more.
  • the king was the oldest son and his youngest son became priest. He brought war and got more land for his people.
  • merchants and artisans were middle class. some lived in cities and some didn't. merchants crafted things to trade and artisans did scribes and were craft workers.
  • nobles had a lot of power cause they fought. they lived in cities and were more middle class with merchants and artisans. they controlled land with farmers on it too.
  • the priests are the youngest sons and have a lot of power. they get more and more power every time the king meets with the priest.
  • these are the people who are apart of the Maya economy!