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S lucy's storyboard
Updated: 9/3/2020
S lucy's storyboard
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  • The brothers didn’t smell like our brothers anymore. They smelled like pomade and cold, sterile sweat. They looked like little boy .
  • Kyle used to be a blustery alpha male, BTWWWR!, chewing through rattlesnakes, spooking badgers, snatching a live trout out of a grizzly’s mouth. He stood by the punch bowl, looking pained and out of place.
  • what lovely weather were having
  • yeees its beginning to look like christmas
  • Oomph! I fell to the ground, my skirt falling softly over my head. Mirabella had intercepted my eye for help. She’d chewed through her restraints and tackled me from behind, barking at unseen cougars, trying to shield me with her tiny body. The music ground to a halt. And I have never loved someone so much, before or since, as I loved my littlest sister at that moment. I wanted to roll over and lick her ears, I wanted to kill a dozen spotted fawns and let her eat first.
  • I know what you mean
  • you smell astooooounding i mean-
  • The time has come for the sausalito, every sister grab a brother
  • Jeanette was sitting in the corner, sipping punch through a long straw and watching me pant. I locked eyes with her, pleading with the mute intensity that I had used to beg her for weasel bones in the forest. “What are the steps?” I mouthed.
  • what are the steps, the steps
  • steps, not for you
  • I wasn’t talking to you, I didn't want you help
  • now you have ruined the sausalito, youve ruined the ball BACK TO THE WOODS
  • but everybody was watching waiting to see what i would do
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