Andrew Jackson Project
Updated: 3/16/2020
Andrew Jackson Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, My name is Andy and I think Andrew Jackson should be on the $20 bill.
  • 19th-century/jacksonian-democracy
  • Hey Kumar, you think it was cool of Andrew Jackson to let normal white people to have power.
  • White Castle
  • Definitely deserves to be on the $20 bill.
  • Heck yeah Harold, the Jacksonian Democracy was probably the coolest thing he did.
  • Harry, ya think if I vote for Clinton for president, he'll make me vice-president.
  • Owww, can I get some advil. But speaking of Jackson, he definitely deserves to be on the $20 bill.
  • Probably not, unless you voted for Andrew Jackson. He was the best, he would have made you president.
  • Hey Neville, you know what these snakes trying to take-over this plane reminds me of. Reminds me of what Andrew Jackson did with the Natives.
  • Can you guys speed it up. And you're right Neville. Andrew Jackson doesn't deserve to be on the $20 bill.
  • Yeah Troy, that's right. That dude wanted that land from the natives just for the gold. That was messed up.
  • Do you think power should be in the hands of individual states or the federal government?
  • It's not about religion. It was a right that Andrew Jackson supported that I also support.
  • Man, I ain't religious. Don't ask me. I'm just trying to find these pineapples.
  • Isn't he the dude on the $20 bill. Yeah I think he belongs on it.
  • I had to solve the problem, so I destroyed it. Do you think I should be on the $20 bill?
  • Why is my refrigerator shaking and talking?
  • It's me. Andrew Jackson. I'm here to talk about the war on the national bank. The national bank was horrible.
  • I mean, you did the right thing in my opinion. Yes you should be on the $20 bill.
  • Ghostbusters