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Updated: 11/12/2020
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  • Nu Nu Gua was sitting by the banks of the Yellow River when She admired the beauty of the river and the land but felt sad that it was such a lonely and quiet place. She started to make little models of the gods out of the yellow clay that lay them out.
  • The clay model slowly became a person and alive. these were the first humans on earth.
  • It was take quite a long time to model each model. she had an idea of how she could make each person quick. She started to use a cane from the river to flick droplets of the yellow clay. Each droplet transformed into a human being. the people made by Nu Gua's hand became the rich
  • One day a great hole opened in the sky. Water came pouring out of it. Thousands of people were swept away as the rivers burst their banks and the waters rose to great heights. Other people survived only by climbing to the tops of the highest mountains.
  • Nu Gua looked down on the crises and was horrified to see the people suffering so much. She took a magical five-coloured stone and melted it down until it was a hot lava. She used this to fix the hole in the sky.
  • She sacrificed the heavenly tortoise and used its legs to hold up the sky. She stopped the floods by using soil to create huge dams and lakes.
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