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Geography Earthquake
Updated: 4/27/2020
Geography Earthquake
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  • This is a plate margin, it is where two tectonic plates meet. Japan sits on the Eurasion plate and is close to the epicentre so is near the focus resulting in recieving large sesmic waves. There are three types of plate margins; destrictive,constructive and conservative. The Eurasion plate is a destructive plate margin meaning the plates push towarsds each other.
  • Welcome to Japan in Asia. Asia is largest continent in the world! Did you know over 4.4 BILLION people live here? Japan is located to the very East of Asia.
  • Wow! This is Japan! It's very big and it looks as though lots of people live here!
  • Oh no! Why is the ground shaking?
  • It must be an earthquake. These are very common around here! Take cover!
  • Whoah! So that was an earthquake. Look at all the buildings! They are no more! How did this even happen?
  • They can also have secondary effects. These are effects created by the primary effects. Such as economy damage. This would be because the government would need to pay to fix all the buildings and anything else damaged resulting in damaging the economy. Another effect would be job loss. This is because so may workplaces would have been destroyed meaning their wokplaces would be destryed.
  • Come with me and I will explain.
  • As a result of this, the heavier plate is subducted.This causes semic waves to be produced which is the shaking of the ground you felt. Earthquakes are measured on the Richter Scale with a measurement of magnitude.
  • Wow! That is very clever!
  • Earthquakes can have many effects such as the buildings we saw collapsing. These are called primary effects and only happen at the time. For example, the building we are standing in now has experienced primary effets as it was destroyed during the earthquake. Another priamry effect is loss of life as we can see with this man here.
  • Oh No!
  • Yikes!
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