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Book club story board week 2
Updated: 2/27/2019
Book club story board week 2
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  • Josh West
  • #2
  • Text Structure- Problem and Solution
  • "A cargo ship had lost twelve containers full of 29,000 floating bathtub toys: yellow ducks, blue turtles, red beavers, green frogs"(21). OSCURS predicted the correct landing location (Alaska) (November 1992)"(23).
  • Signpost- Numbers and Stats
  • "The father and son team had been beachcombing together for years by the time they hauled there basket of 111 bathtub toys into the 2004 Sitka fair"(26).
  • Although the OSCURS machine had calculated the landing date and destination it had not calculated for the windage.
  • Tracking Trash By: Loree Griffin Burns
  • Mindset- Persists Through Problems
  • To figure out the time and place the toys were gonna land the scientists had to make adjustments to the OSCURS machine to calculate for the windage.
  • Summary- If/Then & Aha! Huh?
  • If Curt and the scientists found a more efficient and less expensive way of tracking the bottles, then they could track the way the ocean currents move our trash and where they move it.
  • The author used this number amount to show the amount of bathtub toys that the team found in the amount of time the father and son had been working together.
  • Question
  • Thinking he had the arrival date and destination correct Curt and the scientists hadn't calculated the wind factor that would throw off the date by 6 months.
  • Challenging - Mind Boggling - Complication - If you don't succeed the first time find another way to do it better - Don't let failure break you down.
  • I learned that tracking ocean currents can be very expensive and cost thousands of dollars for a few GPS's. Also, that ocean currents don't always stay the same and that they can change the directions they move. One thing I found hard to believe was that for the hundreds of bottles they drop at a time they only find less than a quarter.
  • Question Week 2
  • Is there another solution to find the bottles that they lose trying to do the experiments to track the ocean currents?
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