The coming of 1812
Updated: 3/31/2020
The coming of 1812
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  • The Start of 1812
  • Why is Staying Nuetral so Hard
  • The Embargo act
  • This Ograbme is making me lose so much money
  • goods
  • During this time america wanted to stay neutral between france and britain during their war. This made it that the United STates would not show any bias towards any nations
  • Declaring War
  • President-Ok today we are declaring war on GB
  • Mr. President we have to declare war
  • Staying neutral is hard because france captured many american soldiers while britain captured american ships looking for war supplies. This can lead to anger and then war
  • The war of 1812
  • Thre tAmerican ports were also closed to British ships and other nations. Congress hoped that the embargo would punish Britain and France andprotect American merchant ships from capture. In 1809 Congress tried to revive the nation’s trade by replacing the unpopular Embargo Act with the Non-Intercourse Act. It also stated that the United States would resume trading with the first side that stopped violating US neutrality.
  • The Treaty
  • The treaty is signed we are united now
  • There Is no need for war we are not ready
  • Declaring war was a hard decision. People were split up in two groups war hawks and the opposition. The war hawks wanted war while the oppositions didn't but the president had to stop Britain.
  • Britain and America are now in the war. They are fighting mostly for pride and to humiliate each other.This war was not good war Britain because they were in war with France too.
  • The war has ended but neither side had won or lost. When they signed this treaty it made these 2 nations siblings and not enemies.
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