story of the buddha
Updated: 2/12/2021
story of the buddha

Storyboard Text

  • poor siddhartha..I can't believe he will grow up without a mother..
  • DEVADATTA ! What are you doing?! Dont harm them!
  • Whats wrong with that man? Why does he look, wrinkly and like he's suffering?
  • Well..Your father didn't want you to know, but he is just elderly-old. Everyone gets old one day, theres no stopping it.
  • I think I want to become a monk when I'm older!
  • That man's a monk SIddhartha, *explains what they do,etc*
  • -future siddhartha-
  • follow the rules of the ascetic life and it will lead to a life of no suffering!
  • WOAH! He's passed out! Let me try and get him up, he looks really thin too...