what made russia red
Updated: 4/21/2020
what made russia red
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  • We are finally free from Napoleon thanks to Alexander I !!!
  • We want a constitution!!
  • No, we MUST keep fighting!
  • This war is a disaster, sir. We cannot keep fighting; our military is not advanced enough to keep this up
  • This scene is Alexander I riding into Paris after defeating Napoleon, bringing an end to chaos in France. While his soldiers were in Paris, they picked up ideas of a constitutional monarchy, basic human rights, and equality under the law.
  • Life hasn't gotten any better since we were "liberated"
  • I know! That tsar is not addressing our needs enough!!
  • When protesters called the "Decemberists" organized and demanded a new rule under a constitution, Nicolas ordered his troops to open fire on the demonstrators. This made people dislike the tsar even more and grew revolutionary sentiments.
  • Russia's devastating defeat in the Crimean war was a blow to national pride and exposed how behind Russia was compared to the industrialized world around them. This defeat set the stage for Russian modernization.
  • Alexander II liberated the serfs in 1861. Although this was a big reform, the execution led to more anger over the inequality inherent in Russian society. Serfs still had to buy land from landlords, plummeting them into deeper debt. Agricultural production slowed and the Russian economy teetered on collapse.
  • The declaration of war against Japan proveddisastrous for Nicolas II, the last tsar. The war was not necessary and wasted Russia’s resources. Russian death tolls were very high. Food shortages during the war turned bread lines into riots. This caused a lot of distress among the Russian people as hatred for the tsar grew
  • While Nicholas was out of town with his family, his palace guards cracked down violently on apolitical protesters trying to deliver a petition to the tsar for representative government, freedom of speech, workers’ rights and peace with Japan.
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