Football/ drink
Updated: 6/17/2020
Football/ drink
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Advertising a drink.

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  • Scene context: This scene will show a group of friends playing football in teams. cheers a person on. Person then scores a goal and everyone on their team is celebrating.Timings: Scene should last around 25 seconds. X seconds playing. 5 seconds cheering other player on Around 5 seconds scoring then celebrating.Camera shots/Angles: The camera should start with a wide view of the whole pitch and then pan/zoom into person shooting goal.Lighting: Bright (sun).Sound: Ball being kicked around, people cheering and shouting.
  • Scene context: Everyone stops playing and then walks over to the side of the pitch looking tired.Timings: 25-35 seconds. 25-30 of them running of pitch. Around 5 seconds of them all with hands on knees/sat down and looking tired.Camera shot/Angles: Wide view of everyone walking off, then zooms in a bit closer.Lighting: Bright (sun)Sound: People talking, maybe breathing heavily when it zooms in closer.
  • Scene context: Everyone then sits at the side of the pitch (possibly in the shade). Someone hands out the drink. And everyone drinks and talks and then looks refreshed.Timings:10-15 seconds. 5-10 seconds drinking. 5 seconds looking refreshed.Camera shot/Angles: Different close ups on multiple people/groups of people. Either from the side of front.Lighting: Bright/medium (sun/shade)Sound: People drinking and talking.
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