russian revolution
Updated: 9/14/2020
russian revolution

Storyboard Text

  • the Potemkin Munity begins
  • follow orders or you will be shot
  • It is not fair that the upper class has control over us ordinary sailors.
  • The sailors in the navy were suffering in similar conditions to industrial workers, the quatermaster of the ship was a socialist and planned to lead a mutiny
  • the police and army had difficulty controlling the riots
  • we are on strike as we want political reform
  • The St Petersburg soviet organises the strikes in the city
  • The St peterburg orginisation was set up in october to help organise the protests and strikes, this was as well as other soviets in other cities
  • the october manifesto,new civil rights freedom of speech and religionparliment elected (duma)
  • I must restore order in my country
  • the middle class were happy with the october manifesto and the new rules but the peasants and the workers were not and continued to riot, the Tsar had to bring back troops from the Russo-Japanese war in order to crush these protests