Updated: 1/18/2019

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  • I've created all these animals would you help them survive, Epimethius?
  • I'd love to
  • Let me teach you, man, of the ores below the earth and fertile lands above
  • Thank you! We will ownership your kind forever.
  • Thank you Hephaestus, you were always kind like this.
  • Here Prometheus, gift fire to man. It will help them, but don't tell Zeus.
  • Prometheus creates the animals of earth and his brother, Epimethius, gives them methods to survive.
  • Thanks, but I will make one of all fat and one of all meat and return to you the nutricous one.
  • Here, have these two ox as thanks.
  • Realizing man has no method to survive so he teaches them metallurgy, and other survival methods
  • But it's all fat, and no meat. I found out you've been helping man as well. You will be punished, but they may keep the useless ox.
  • Here Zeus, a sacrifice from man.
  • Prometheus obtains fire from Hephaestus and gives it to man, against Zeus's will.
  • Zues has ordered me to tie you to a rock. An eagle will come to eat your liver every day, i'm sorry.
  • Upon taking two ox sacrifices from man to Zeus he gives Zeus one with a wretched and he soon swears not to take any of that type.
  • Zues then bites into the second sacrifice expecting meat but only gets fat. Prometheus had put all the meat into one ox and all the fat into the other so that man could eat
  • Zeus punished Prometheus by tying him to a rock and having an eagle eat his liver out every day
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