A Walk To Remember
Updated: 2/7/2021
A Walk To Remember

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  • I love you, and you're the best thing that happened to me
  • In the cold winter day, I could see her lower lip begin to tremble
  • but, I do
  • Why are you sorry?
  • please don't say that, please...
  • I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...
  • You can love me, yes we can go out and see each other... but you cant love me
  • Her eyes never left mine as she finally utter the words that made me numb
  • I'm dying
  • she has leukemia. the moment she told me that my blood boiled. it feels like the time just stopped.
  • we were just there, and even her dad was crying.we just all cried there together.
  • t-their has to be a mistake
  • I'm sorry
  • we spend more time together. We read the bible, and talked more and more.
  • I knew that she wasn't losing faith, but I think that I was losing mine already.and so
  • will you marry me?
  • I really am in love with her deeply, that it didn't matter if she was sick. I would really still married her what ever happened.
  • its now forty years later, and I still remember every bit of it. I still love her