the wild robot
Updated: 1/17/2020
the wild robot
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  • chapter 15
  • chapter 23
  • chapter 9
  • In chapter 15 the robot was wondering around ,and came acros a bear and the robot started buggin ghte bears,but she cant get mad and scare them off but she can be annoying.
  • chapter 12
  • In chapter 23 the robot came acros the fox laying on the ground in pain,the fox asked the robot for help to pick them out of him.
  • chapter 16
  • In chapter 9 the robot start stumping up the hill as hard as she can.when the robot finaly made it up the hill she just looked at the big wide blue ocean.she was just looking at thr nature.
  • chapter 18
  • In chapter 12 the robot felt safe on the top of the moutian so she stayed therefor a couple days.but something turned the tables.she woke up with dark alll around he, a storm was approching her really fast.
  • In chapter 16 roz came down the big hill she was coverd in dirt and it was everywhere one her,but then the owle started learking around roz when she was walking in the woods.
  • In chapter 18 roz wanted to stay clean but then she wated to stay alive so what she did is she kept the sticks and the mud on her so she can camouflag into the woods so she can stay safe and alive from wild animals.
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