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Corn Goddess
Updated: 9/23/2020
Corn Goddess
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  • Iroquois Corn GoddessNatives of Eastern WoodlandsBy Victoria Lee
  • A hunter named Gosadaya was hunting in the woods and heard a crash as well as the sounds of trees mourning the death of their Chief, the mighty oak.
  • CRASH!
  • *SOB SOB*
  • Gosadaya joined the trees and offered to burn tobacco as a ritual sacrifice on the trunks of one of the old trees
  • The Great Spirit was pleased with Gosadaya and his reverence for the trees and sent a beautiful woman to be his wife
  • The woman gave Gosadaya some seeds the Great Spirit sent with her and she showed the people of the village how to grow and harvest the corn from the seeds. Corn was a more easily obtained and nutritious source of food than the meat they needed to hunt for.
  • One day, a relative of Gosadaya was visiting and he did not know about corn, so when the wife gave him cornbread he threw it on the ground. This disrespect caused the Supreme Ruler to send the Corn Goddess back to the Sky World
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