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Updated: 9/24/2020
story book
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  • french and Indian war
  • were both at this war for land who ever wins wins the land!
  • Declaration of independence
  • we are tired of Britain telling telling us what to do its time we need our independence
  • out break of revolution
  • lets make an army and make George Washington command it
  • In the french and Indian war there were attacks near western borders from american indians colonists were demanding forts and troops stationed by the border line because they needed more money so Britain helped them. Britain caused was a war because colonists were mad that Britain would not let them settle on the land that they fought for . the effect was that Britain left them alone for decades so there was no reason to govern them now.
  • stamp act congress
  • the declaration of independence was sighed July 4 1776. what caused the declaration of independence was american citizens and government leaders decided it was time for america to declare independence for Britain. by doing that the declaration of independence accomplished 5 thing
  • the township duties
  • the outbreak of revelation had twelve colonies sent representative to the first continental congress in 1774 the congress agreed to send protests and petitions to Britain and organize boycotts which caused the portal Governor of Massachusetts to send soldiers to seize weponds and artistry just the patroits just north boston and british and colonial troops tried on another at lexington and cordered april 1775 which affected the conetail congress to form its own army and chose gorge washington to command it
  • global impact of declaration
  • lets support and help them for the revolution war
  • The stamp act required that every official document ,newspaper or pamphlet had to have an expensive government stamp which caused colonist to protest that this was "taxation without Representative " which effected Parliament to repealed the stamp act but still had to collect money from colonies .
  • your going to have to get your news letter stamped with an epensive goverment stamp to send that newsletter
  • township deities placed new taxes on paper ,paint ,glass,lead and tea parliament taxed the colonies without consulting anyone living in the colonies which caused them wanting to create there own laws and texes.which effected colonists to orgainize committees to protest the Townsend duites so britian sent over more troops to keep them in peace eventually parliament repealed townshed duites.
  • our taxes our too high we need to create our own laws and taxes
  • The Declaration had an immediate impact on the colonists which caused It to allowe them to open talks with France and Spain to create military alliancesit also helped to gather support for the Revolutionary War which effected that The Declaration was actually the first time that a group of colonistsmade a public announcement while breaking away from imperial rule
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