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Script for TV Advert
Updated: 5/23/2020
Script for TV Advert
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Storyboard Description

Shooting site: a football ground Director: William Fawn Editor: Harry Wick Actors: Carl John, fans and kids Video Audio Close up on John, limping steadily from the field down the tunnel in the direction of the locker room, “Carl John” superimposed on the picture. As he is standing alone, the match must still be continued with John out of it, because of the knee injury. Cut to a boy (age 10, white) Coke in hand and standing in the tunnel. Cut to John, looking angry Cut to a boy Cut to John Cut to a boy Cut to John, frowning Cut to a boy, offering Coke. Cut to John, heave a sigh, takes the bottle, took a sip, greedily, Cut to a reluctant boy, waiting for a sign of appreciation from his favorite celebrity. Lastly, the boy turns leaving the tunnel. Cut to John, smiles John took his jersey and throws it. Cut to a boy, catching the jersey with a joy. The screen appears as: "Coke adds life" (in the left corner) “Get a Coke and smile” Boy (sound on film): Mr. john! Mr. John! John (sound on film): Yea? Boy (sound on film): Do you need help? John (sound on film): Ugh. Boy (sound on film): I wanted to tell you---you are amazing. John (sound on film): Yes, Thanks. Boy (sound on film): You can have my coke. You will feel better. John (sound on film): Thanks A dialogue comes up: A smile and a coke make me feel nice/make me feel good. Boy (sound on film): See you, John John (sound on film): Hi boy! John (sound on film): Catch it Boy (sound on film): Wow! Great! Thanks, John! Music.
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