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  • Sue could you please draw the curtain
  • I heard the wind last night. I thought it would have fallen. It will surely fall today. Then I'll die.
  • Oh! Look there is still one leaf left on the creeper. It looks quite green and healthy. In spite of the storm and the fierce winds, it didn't fall
  • YOU WON'T DIE! You have to live for your friends what would happen to me.
  • Johnsy would look out of the window every hour and find the leaf is still there. There was a storm in the evening but the leaf didn't fall out
  • SUE!
  • Sue hugged Johnsy and gave her a lot of hot soup and a mirror. Johnsy combed her hair and smiled brightly
  • I have been a bad girl. You have looked after me so lovingly and I have not cooperated with you. I have been depressed and gloomy. The last leaf has shown me how wicked I have been. I have realised that it is a sin to want to die.
  • In the afternoon the doctor came. After examining his patient he spoke to Sue.
  • Johnsy now has the will to live. I am confident she will recover soon. Now I must go downstairs and see Behrman. He is also suffering from pneumonia. But I am afraid, there is no hope for him
  • The next morning, Sue came and sat on Johnsy's bed. Taking Johnsy's hand in hers
  • I have something to tell you. Mr. Behrman died of pneumonia this morning. H e was ill for only two days. The first day the janitor found him on his bed. His clothes and shoes were wet and he was shivering. He had been out in that stormy night. Then they found a ladder and a lantern still lighted lying near his bed. There were also some brushes and green and yellow paints on the floor near the ladder. Johnsy dear, look out of the window. Look at that ivy leaf. Haven't you wondered why it doesn't flutter when the wind blows? That's Behrman's masterpiece. He painted it the night the last leaf fell.
  • SUE
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