who's the killer
Updated: 12/26/2020
who's the killer

Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time, There was a man who’s name is Jemmy.Jemmy was clever and he observes the changes in personality of people who works with them. Jemmy used to go to work in a company with his close friend Kindy.
  • In the early morning, Jemmy and Kindy decided to meet in the bus station. Kindy was late and Jemmy waited him for a long period time.Jemmy was worried because Kindy didn’t usually use to be late so he decided to go to his home.
  • Jemmy knocked at the door for a while, but no one replied.He knocked again and again, but no answer so he broke the door and entered to his friend’s home.
  • Here was the surprise, Jemmy found his friend Kindy laying on the floor and there were wounds and bruising on his arm and his home was scattered. There was a someone hit his head. 
  • Jemmy phoned the ambulance immediately, but they couldn’t save him and Kindy died.
  • Jemmy was very sad and he said:"I promise you I will to find who did this to you my lovely friend"
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