Updated: 11/9/2018
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Almost fall of a nation

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  • Shays Rebellion-1786 "The almost fall of a New Nation" Marin 11-05-18, 5th period
  • The nation is in debt but we can give you at least one months pay
  • Sorry men but we can not pay you your money or give you any pensions.But you are aloud to keep your uniforms and guns.
  • We would have to finalize something to make it more formal. But that could work to pay back our debt.Lets do it !
  • Sir,we don't have any money. Massachusetts has proposed we raise property taxes. If they don't pay on team we could always take there land
  • I need your money now or I'm taking your land
  • But i have no money. I was never paid from the war.
  • Well I'm taking your land since you can't pay.
  • Man did u see that rainbow yooo i love the color blue it da best
  • Men what did we fight for if we can't have our own homes and land?! We did not fight to have another tax war with the government that's for damn sure. 
  • No we fought for liberty and peace. So our land would not be taken away
  • Shay took it upon himself to become leader of this rebellion against the government
  • Run its the cops. Some of them men escape jail time and lived the rest of their life poor
  • U are all arrested for harassment of peace and for not obeying the law.
  • Shay lived till he was 78 years old and just the year before he recived his pension
  • Well this is where I live till I die or till I get caught for almost ruining the nation 
  • Shays rebellion is just another one of Americas messed up paths to where we are now. The lies, murder and crack pot of a government is how we became the dream country. Make sure to tune in to next weeks comic about how bad Slavery really was. 
  • The End 
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