the new student
Updated: 2/10/2021
the new student

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! My name is jackson and I have a pet Dog and his name is michael and today is My first day of my new school
  • good morning mom
  • bye mom gotta go to school before im late.
  • good morning!jackson
  • good morning! student today we're having a new student be nice to him come in.
  • Hi! i'm jackson hope we all can be friends.
  • Hi jackson i'm kai nice to meet. you Do you want to be friends
  • nice to meet you to kai and we can be friends
  • your new friend is jackson bet he's a nerd like you. he looks like a tree
  • hey kai who your new little friend
  • Jackson meet jack
  • Hi jack meet my new friend jackson
  • you know jack you shouldn't judge people just because they wear glasses or they have different skin color
  • hi jack
  • thinks you guys forgiving you want to come to my house and play video game with me
  • hey guys I want to apologize for judge you guys can you guys forgive me.
  • Maybe I should apologize to them
  • yeah sure everyone deserve second chance
  • just don't judge people by the looks