China`s little Ambassador

Updated: 7/29/2020
China`s little Ambassador

Storyboard Text

  • Shirley kicks off her move to American to start school at the local P.S. To start a new life in the American.
  • Then one day the parent sent her to school so she could learn english. It`s pretty awkard for her since she can`t understand english.
  • Based on her age (she's ten), she'll enter fifth grade,even though she only did three years of school in China. Her moms said she have to put on a happy face because she representing all of China, though. So, you know, no pressure.
  • It's hard to read facial expressions for Shirley, who doesn't understand what winking is, and she keeps blinking over and over again.
  • In her new classroom, Shirley meets her classmates, all of whom look different from one another. Although she can't understand her new teacher, Mrs. Rappaport, Shirley likes her.
  • Not sure what to do come lunchtime, she follows everyone to a local deli, where she gets good grub and, even though she's not sure what's going on, loves being part of the group.