Multi-Step Equation Part II

Updated: 12/3/2018
Multi-Step Equation Part II

Storyboard Text

  • 2(4x-3)-8=4+2x 8x-6-8=4+2x 8x-14=4+2x
  • How come you have to combine like terms?
  • Because when we solve later in the equation it makes it easier later on
  • 2(4x-3)-8=4+2x 8x-6-8=4+2x 8x-14=4+2x 6x-14=4
  • Because it is a postive 2x you subtract 2x from both sides to get 6x-14=4
  • Next step is to move all of the variables to one side
  • 2(4x-3)-8=4+2x 8x-6-8=4+2x 8x-14=4+2x 6x-14=4 6x=18
  • We are adding 14 because we have to cancel out the -14 in the equation. You do the inverse opperation
  • Now we have to move the constants to the same side
  • 2(4x-3)-8=4+2x 8x-6-8=4+2x 8x-14=4+2x 6x-14=4 6x=18 x=3
  • We do this by dividing both sides by 6 to get the x alone. The answer to or equation is x=3
  • And for our last step we isolate the variable
  • Thank you for teaching me how to do a multistep equation
  • How do you know my name?
  • I know everything I am a teacher
  • No problem James
  • The teacher was dressed as a clown and knew everything it was weird
  • I learned how to do multi step equations
  • Good job James
  • I know I am her daughter