A View From The Bridge, Act 1

Updated: 5/19/2020
A View From The Bridge, Act 1

Storyboard Text

  • Catherine is excited to tell Eddie about her new job, but Eddie thinks it is too dangerous for her. Beatrice convinces Eddie to let her take the job.
  • Eddie notices that Catherine is wearing a new skirt and he complains that it is too short and inappropriate.
  • Beatrice's cousins- Rodolpho and Marco- arrive at the house illegally on a boat from Italy and agree to stay hidden to avoid being caught.
  • Rodolpho tells Catherine that he sings and Catherine asks him to sing 'Paper Doll'. Eddie thinks that Catherine is taking to much of a liking towards Rodolpho.
  • Catherine and Rodolpho go to see a film and get back later than planned because the film finished late. Eddie is unimpressed because he thinks Rodolpho is a bad influence towards Catherine.
  • Eddie teaches Rodolpho how to box but hurts Rodolpho's jaw.