Story episode 4

Updated: 5/19/2020
Story episode 4

Storyboard Text

  • They walked into the garden and sat down on a bench in the gazebo.
  • Well, Elisabeth. As you know, there have been dragons in this kingdom as long as there have been people, perhaps even longer.
  • There are more dragons in these lands because there are plenty of mountains and forests here, where dragons like to live most. Therefore, we have to deal with more dragon attacks than the rest of the kingdom. Lately, however, the dragon's attacks have grown more and more frequent in this area, causing unrest among the people. Of course the people can always take shelter in our castle, but the current situation asks for a more permanent solution. As I didn't want to make a decision about this on my own, I asked my neighbours, allies and friends to discuss this matter.
  • .
  • And? Did you come up with a solution?
  • We came up with several, but we've sent a letter to the king asking him to decide what's best.
  • A few weeks later, during breakfast..
  • I have received word from the king! I 'll have everyone involved meet me after breakfast.That means you too, my dear ladies. This is very important for all of us.
  • After breakfast..
  • My dear family, friends, allies and neighbours. I have received word from the king. He wants to send extra soldiers to help us with the whole situation, and, possibly, kill the dragons. He believes it is the best way to keep his, and our, people safe.
  • *nods firmly in agreement*
  • I agree. Long live His Majesty!
  • *chuckles*That's exactly what I was going to say!
  • Excellent idea!