A view from the bridge

Updated: 5/19/2020
A view from the bridge

Storyboard Text

  • ''A lawyer means law, and in Sicily where their fathers came, the law has not been a friendly idea''
  • Alfieri introduces the play to the audience, setting the scene and the values of being Sicilian American
  • We are then introduced to Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine who live in a neighbourhood called Red Hook. Beatrice and Eddie are married, Catherine is Beatrice's sister.
  • ''He's a weird''
  • Beatrice's cousins Rodolpho and Marco have illegally entered America via boat.Rodolpho is not like the traditional SicilianWhereas Marco is.
  • ''Can you lift this chair?''
  • Eddie notices that Rodolpho and Catherine have been getting very close and he assumes that Rodolpho isn't straight because he like to make jokes, he cooks and he can sing.
  • Eddie goes to Alfieri to seek help in what to do. however, Alfieri says to Eddie that there is nothing lawfully wrng with the relationship between Catherne and Rodolpho.
  • Eddie wanted to teach Rodolpho how to fight and during this small training Eddie strikes him around the face. Marco sees this and angered he asked Eddie a simple question which tests Eddie's manlihood.