WW1 short graphic novel
Updated: 2/23/2021
WW1 short graphic novel

Storyboard Text

  • War of IllusionsGermany 1914
  • The war is going to be easy. We are going to wipe France out in no time.
  • Yeah! We have nothing to worry about! This is going to be glorious!
  • Stalemate at the front1915
  • Ha! The Germans thought that overwhelming us with men was going to work!
  • Why isn't this working! We are supposed to be destroying them!
  • Were losing to the French! We need to find a new strategy or else we will lose all of our men.
  • Slaughter 1916
  • I'm low on ammunition. Do you guys have any to spare? I'm out.
  • We need to remain in this trench until further notice. We can't afford to keep losing so many men like this.
  • My feet are really cold in these damp trenches.
  • Man, I am so tired of all this death that keeps happening around me! We barely have enough men to keep fighting the war.
  • Yeah, I lost my best friend Tim to trench foot a couple days ago.
  • Exhaustion and Revolution 1917
  • We should do something about this.
  • Exhaustion and Revolution late 1917
  • General, I am sorry to inform you that I will no longer fight in this ruthless war. We only have a couple hundred men left and many are dieing to disease in these trenches. I want to survive so I can see my family.
  • Please make a treaty to stop this terrible war! I want to go home!
  • I really regret saying that this war was going to be glorious and easy. It has been depressive and atrocious.
  • The End