The lewis and clark story
Updated: 3/22/2020
The lewis and clark story

Storyboard Text

  • ok we will do that #3
  • #2 Ok we will do that but we need you to pay for our supplies.
  • #1 Hello lewis and clark I hear you are great explorers. I need both of you two explorer the west of the mississippi since we have purchased it
  • Now clark since we don't know the land we should get a native american to guide across the land and a translator to understand her.
  • Ok sure
  • #3 okay that is fine.
  • #1 Hello my name is clark and I want to ask you and Sacagawea to join me and my friend lewis to explore to the west of the mississippi  
  • #2 okay let me talk to her... she and I said yes but she might be slow since she pregnant with he husbands baby
  • The year is 1804 and they are at fort mandan
  • Clark this fort is nearing completion and we should preparer after this is done to head out and explore more land
  • I know lewis so we should prepare to leave but this should be our base for now
  • The year is 1805 and Sacagawea is giving birth to her son Jean Baptiste Charbonneau
  • Your son is very handsome and think I will call give him a nickname like pompy
  • Yeah that is a very cute nickname
  • The year is 1806 and the date is may 14th
  • Hey clark I think we should head back east since I Have thing to do with the president.
  • Yeah and I have other things to do with president like tell him stuff we found