Great Gatsby
Updated: 6/7/2020
Great Gatsby
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  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 5
  • Third wheel
  • Nick goes to meet daisy his cousin in East egg to find her husband Tom Buchanan is cheating on her with a woman named Myrtle. This happens at a terrible party at Toms house and he learns by talking to Jordan Baker who he will grow closer to later on. "‘Why——’ she said hesitantly, ‘Tom’s got some woman in New York.’" (Fitzgerald 18).
  • Chapter 7
  • Next Nick gets an invitation to go to a party at Gatsby; his neighbors house. The party is wild packed with people from all over and they are exquisitely treated. "At least once a fortnight a corps of caterers came down with several hundred feet of canvas and enough colored lights to make a Christmas tree of Gatsby’s enormous garden." (Fitzgerald 44). But during this party he never finds out who Gatsby is.
  • Still Chapter 7
  • Nick and Gatsby get closer then Gatsby reveals that he was after his long lost love daisy and that was why he took and interest in Nick. They set up a meeting where Gatsby and Daisy reunite and basically have a romantic date where Gatsby shows daisy his shirts and she cries. "‘They’re such beautiful shirts,’ she sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds. ‘It makes me sad because I’ve neverseen such—such beautiful shirts before.’" (Fitzgerald 99).
  • Chapter 8
  • Ratatatatatatat!!!!!
  • The tension grows between Tom and Gatsby as they were eating lunch at Daisy's house. They got into a big argument fighting over who Daisy loved. "‘Your wife doesn’t love you,’ said Gatsby. ‘She’s neverloved you. She loves me.’‘You must be crazy!’ exclaimed Tom automatically." (Fitzgerald 139).
  • After the brawl, Daisy left in Gatsby's yellow car and decided to drive to calm her nerves. But she didn't realize how fast she was going and crashed into Myrtle who was escaping from Wilson. "‘Auto hit her. Ins’antly killed.’" (Fitzgerald 149).
  • Wilson finds out that the yellow car belonged to Gatsby and tears him to shreds with an AK-47* and runs away. Chapter 9 begins and Nick tries to get people to come to his funeral. "‘Hello!’ I interrupted breathlessly. ‘Look here—this isn’t Mr. Gatsby. Mr. Gatsby’s dead.’" (Fitzgerald 178). *The gun used was likely a 1920s bolt action rifle or revolver i just wanted to make the story more intiresting. -ZDC
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