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The German Empire
Updated: 9/25/2020
The German Empire
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  • This is Otto von Bismark giving his "Blood and Iron" speech in 1862. At this point he wanted to build a unified German state.
  • The first thing Bismark did in 1864 was try to make and alliance with Austria. Prussia did not approve of it and started a war.
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  • Two years after their somewhat alliance, Bismark made an excuse to go to war with Austria. After sending Prussian troop a 7 week long war was easily won.
  • Once Napoleon lll had heard of what happened to Austria he was furious. It kept a years rivalry going to the point where France declared war on Prussia
  • One the war began in 1870 France was sure they would win but the determination of Germany and Prussia was to much. In the end Napoleon surrendered and Prussia had won.
  • After their amazing victory German princes persuaded William l of Prussia to become a kaiser or emperor. In 1871 German nationalists celebrated the second Reich. Bismark had also created a two-house legislative constitution
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