Peasant revolt
Updated: 7/17/2020
Peasant revolt
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  • I am here to collect taxes.Now give me your money and food!
  • I am poor and I do not have any money to pay tax.Pls tell the king that we are homeless and can’t pay anymore taxes!
  • I am enough watching people paying taxes even when they are already homeless.I need to do something.
  • We can’t live without food and money to buy land!And we can’t do things we like!
  • Yesterday is my daughter’s birthday and I can’t buy her a gift because of this stupid idea of paying taxes!
  • We need freedom and money and food,no more stupid taxes!
  • I m here to give you money that the king gives ,and food will come soon,then next week it is time to pay taxes again.But this time the king ordered us to only collet half of it!
  • The King was been treating us unfairly!We can’t pay taxes anymore!Give us freedom!
  • FREEDOM!!!!
  • Ok,people can pay half of the taxes and pls give them a bit of land and food for them.And just a bit of money!
  • Sir,the peasants are having a peasant revolt.They said that they do not have freedom and do not have any money to pay taxes anymore!
  • It is so unfair for us!
  • The King ordered us to get some money for the peasants cuz the peasants revolt.
  • Yeah I know,they are so annoying they just want food and land and money,who doesn’t want that?
  • You nobles ad king still don’t know what we want ?We want freedom,you guys are not letting us come to play and just walk for a while.we can’t just stay at home to do nothing.we have feelings too,and the feeling for us always is just bored and sad!Uh...whatever.sad
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