Updated: 6/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Meeting The Shaman
  • Cheyenne ,you are now old enough to go on the vision quest
  • A Special Meeting Location
  • Thank you creator for everything that you've created and provide me with
  • Fasting and Prayer
  • I hope my spirt animal arrives soon
  • According to the Shaman,Cheyenne, a young Aboriginal girl, had finally come of age to complete he revision quest.This ritual is an important and intense part of native culture and signifies acceptance and coming age for Aboriginal teens
  • The Arrival of the Sprit Helper
  • Before Cheyenne can mark on her vision quest.she must be purified in a sweet lodge ceremony.In this ritual,Aboriginal people are cleansed through sweating and praying in the hot sweet lodge while passing around the sacred pipe as a symbol of unity.
  • The Return Home
  • In order for Cheyenne to see her spirit helper or receive vision and voices that may guide her ,she must fast and pray for few days with little water to remain sensitive to these sprits
  • The Elder Interpretation
  • After days of prayer and fasting ,cheyenne finally sees her spirit animal ,which is a Goat.The goat represents freedom,determination, travel and passion
  • Cheyenne returns home to tell the shaman her spirt animal so he can interpret
  • Cheyenne returned to tell the Shawman about the spirt animal she saw .As a result ,she was now seen an adult in her community and renamed after her spirt animal Takahkatim'' meaning horse in cree.