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Jail Kills The KIng
Updated: 3/9/2020
Jail Kills The KIng
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Storyboard Description

The name of this group is “Jael kills the king” which is also the name of the story. The characters of this play Jael played as Carrilyn, Deborah played as Nailah, and Sisera played as Joseph. The approach to this story is a more futuristic standpoint but at the same time modern. A brief summary of the scene would be Deborah the prophetess and the Israelite army drove Sisera, the Canaanite general, to a frantic retreat. He took refuge with a desert-dwelling tribe that was an ally of his nation. Unfortunately for him, he chose Jael’s tent, and she was a double agent. She fed Sisera, promised to stand guard, and told him to go to sleep… and then she drove a tent peg through his head.
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