The Hologram
Updated: 1/21/2021
The Hologram

Storyboard Text

  • AttentionThe work day is over.
  • Time to go home!
  • Mabel walks home from her job at the office.She had just gotten a promotion
  • Kids! We need to take cover now!
  • While she was walking home, she saw a flying Coronavirus!
  • Mom, It was all a hologram.
  • You are grounded!!!
  • She ran home to warn her family!They all had to take cover
  • Nooooo!!!
  • She enters the house and calls out to her children.She tells them about the Flying Coronavirus.
  • Her children come down and tell her that the flying Coronavirus was a science project. It was all a hologram.
  • Since it wasn't real, her family was safe. However, her children are grounded for scaring her like that.