Updated: 1/16/2020
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  • It is okay, we will have plenty of time after we get married,there is no use to be rushed
  • we can just sleep together, our heart is connected , and we will soon get marry, that is my promise for you.Don't you worry,I will not leave you alone.
  • I'm going to put this potion on that Athenian garment man . Well,who is in there? .Alright,let me drop this potion in this awful young mans eyes and at the time he awakes she should fall in love with this pretty lady.
  • No matter what you said, I will follow you just as my heart will follow you.
  • Ger away from me, go somewhere else, stop bothering me.
  • I'm not dealing with you, I gonna go, and leave you alone in here.
  • Lysander Suggests Hermia to sleeping together for the night but Hermia refuse to sleep together because in the time the virginity of a girl is the most important thing.
  • Oh no, why Hermia has a so attractive and bright eyes that I do not have.I am ugly everyone hates me and leaves me, even Demetrius feels that way
  • At night, Hermia and Lysander fall asleep and Puck enters.He saw a guy wearing Athenian garments and a women being together but sleeping seperately, so Puck think it is Demetrius.That makes Puck put the flower juice on Lysander's eyes.
  • Oh, sweet Helena, you make my heart pumping so loud and quick.Where is Demetrius, I am going to kill him,how dare he is going to do such thing to you
  • Why are you doing this to me, why are you making fun of me, why did I deserve this.
  • Demetrius want Helena to leave him alone, but Helena to leave him alone but Helena kept following him.Demetrius and Helena are still agruing.
  • Oh my god, this is scary Lysander,I dreamed about a serpent eat my heart, and you making a werid face smiliing at me. Lysander where are you, I will find you are you dead.
  • Helena is left behind by Demetruis, Helena feels self-abased and kept comparing herself to Hermia.She says all these bad things about herself and said good thing about Hermia.
  • By the time, Lysander wakes up the first person he sees is Helena that makes him fell in love with her because of the potion.This change makes Helena thinks Lysander was making fun of her.She is mad and tried to get away from him.And Lysander began to chase her
  • After Lysander leaves Hermia wakes up because of nightmares and fels startled.She looked for Lysander but no one was there and realizes Lysander is missing.
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