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Updated: 4/24/2020
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  • Help us Baal
  • You are my next Shofet.
  • B”Y sin (We think Avodah Zarah). Hashem sends the Midianim to attack them and control them for 7 years. The Midianim destroy the land of B”Y.
  • B"Y crie out to Hashem and Hashem sends a navi to make them do teshuvah. A Malach Hashem sits under a tree and watches Gideon helping his father plant and do the work for his father.
  • Hashem says Gidon will be the next Shofet but Gidon does not want to be a shofet becasue he is from Minashe the youngest Shevet and Hashem says I will be with you.
  • Gideon asks for a sign. He goes inside and gets Matzah and sheep and then the malach tell him to put them on a rock and his stick has fire on it and he put the fire on the rock and it turns meat. Gidon gets scared but Hashem says it is peace.
  • Hashem tells Gidon to destroy the go to the Beis Hamikdash, Destroy the baal, cut do the asherash yree, and build a mizbeach out of wood and put and ox on it. Gidon does this at night because he scared to do it in the day and the people go to his house and Yoash, Gideon’s father tells them that Baal should defend itself since it is a god and the sould not. They call Gidon Yerubaal "the one who fought will baal".
  • Gidon gathers B"Y to fight and he asks Hashem for a sign to for B"Y to trust him. The sign Gidon puts out a pixe of wool in the night, and thwe wool becomes wet with dew not the ground. He asks for another sign which the wools stays dry and the ground is wet.
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