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Lyddie Conflict by Jad and Elijah
Updated: 12/7/2018
Lyddie Conflict by Jad and Elijah
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Storyboard Text

  • Man vs Man
  • You're too poor for me! Get out of here!
  • Man vs Nature
  • Don't nobody yell
  • Man vs Society
  • Here! Take the calf money that I have! Escape to freedom and go north.
  • THe slave catchers are coming to get me! I have to go north to Canada
  • On page 20, it states "'Go along,' the woman was saying. 'This is the respectable tavern, not the township poor farm.' Lyddie could feel the rage oozing up like sap on a March morning... 'I'm Lydia Worthen,' she said. 'I got a letter from my mother...' The woman looked horrified. 'You're the new girl?'" This is man vs man conflict because the woman was being cruel and rude to Lyddie and making fun of her because she wasn't wearing something nice and because she didn't have much money.
  • On page 1, the quote states "At any rate, Lyddie looked up from the pot of oatmeal she was stirring over the fire, and there in the doorway was a massive black head, the nose up and smelling, the tiny eyes bright with hungry anticipation. 'Don't nobody yell,' she said softly. 'Just back up slowly and quiet and climb up to the loft.' " Lyddie has to stare down the bear so that the rest of her family can escape to the loft. This is man vs nature because the bear (nature) causes problems with Lyddie and her family.
  • The quote is on page 40, where it states, " 'I'm Ezekial Abernathy, or was so called formerly. I was on the way northward when the snow delayed me last November.' Then he was a fugitive." This is man vs society because society (the slave catchers and slave owners) are coming after Ezekial.
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