Multiple Intelligences

Updated: 5/12/2020
Multiple Intelligences

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  • Intro
  • Today i will be talking about the 3 strongest intelligences that I have gotten from this quiz. We will also be talking about future career paths I can take while applying these intelligences.
  • My 3 Top Intelligences
  • Multiple IntelligencesSelf Smart, Word Smart, People Smart, Sound Smart, Nature Smart, Body Smart, Picture Smart, Logic Smart
  • Your Top 3 Intelligences:Self Smart - 78%People Smart - 78%Sound Smart - 72%
  • Howard Gardner believes that intelligence can’t be studied by being tested about how much we know about the world. Instead he created the multiple intelligence theory to accurately describe someone’s ability rather than using IQ theories. These intelligences consist of self, word, people, sound, nature, body, picture, and number smarts.
  • I’ve taken a quiz to see what intelligences I am the strongest at. I have gotten results and these intelligences are self smart (78%), people smart (78%), and sound smart (72%).