Allison Lemerise Stotyboard
Updated: 2/17/2021
Allison Lemerise Stotyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Give Thought to the Problem
  • Review Your Choices
  • Niki has a Google Meeting to be at, but her friend, Will, wants her to skip her class and play a video game with him instead.
  • Evaluate the Consequences of Each Choice
  • Niki decides to take time to think over her choices.
  • Assess and Choose the Best Choice
  • Will has given Niki two choices. She can either play a game with her friend, or she can go to class and get her work done.
  • Think It Over Afterwards
  • Niki is now evaluating the consequences of each choice. She can either play games with her friend and have a good time, but she is putting her education at risk as well as her parent's trust in her. On the other hand, she can go to class and get a good grade and have more time to play with Will later.
  • Niki will choose to miss out on the few rounds of SkyWars with Will, and once she finishes her meeting and classwork, she can join him later and play for longer.
  • Even after her executive decision, Niki is 100% sure that she has done the right thing. Not only is she happy with her choosing, but she also gets the best of both worlds.